About Igor Zap

I'm the baby boomer who bummed it…

I left school at 16 to become an actor but a glittering career did not follow. Beaten up by yobbos in Manchester, groped at the BBC TV Centre whilst wearing tights for a Shakespeare production, and left on more cutting room floors than you've had packets of popcorn. Eventually I got fed up with being hungry. To pay the rent I became a humble service clerk in a big corporate utility, feigning my way up the greasy pole to become a senior manager.

When I wasn’t wearing a corporate suit I wrote short stories for women's magazines and sketches for TV and radio. I also wrote promo video scripts and sometimes appeared in cameo roles.

Following redundancy, I set up a management and PR consultancy. Most clients drove me potty, so I jacked that in and became a freelance copywriter. I loved earning loads of dosh but hated the sixteen hour days in front of a computer. So I got physical and created a business painting sheds. Alas, my back gave way.

So now I write fiction. When I'm stuffed for words I play the tabla and listen to Berlioz in my shed. And if that doesn’t work, I do Tai Chi, both as Martin Pilcher and Igor Zap, a journey of self-discovery if ever there was!


Igor Zap's style is as wonderfully madcap as the box of characters he creates and I would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone who appreciates finely-tuned, humorous writing and action packed story telling.

Tanja Mariadoss - UK